Wednesday, May 9, 2012

London - Day 4

Anna and I were on our own for much of today, as Michael had to work (the internet is both a blessing and a curse).
Our first stop of the day was back to the Royal Opera House.  The Royal Ballet gift shop was closed when we arrived for the ballet last night, and Anna had been saving all her money specifically for this.  I don’t want to say how long we spent there, or how much we spent there, but it was definitely the shopping high point from Anna’s perspective.  And we got photos of cute little mini-tutus...
After lunch at M&S in Covent Garden, we took the tube to St. Paul’s Cathedral, where we happened upon a wedding just as the wedding party and guests were leaving the cathedral.  We spent an enjoyable time watching and snapping photos of hats from a distance!
Anna and I also took many photos of St. Paul’s.  Again, no photos allowed inside, but given our success yesterday at Westminster Abbey...
St. Paul’s was designed by Christopher Wren after the original St. Paul’s burned in the 1660’s.  It is classical and stunningly beautiful.
Then I looked at my watch and realized we were going to be late meeting Michael at the British Museum.  This was high on Anna’s list because of the Rosetta Stone and the excellent collection of Egyptian funerary items, specifically the cat and kitten mummies, although I think she also rather enjoyed the tiny fish mummy, which you can see in its wooden fish case at the left of the photo.  The girl has her priorities!
Outside the British Museum
And one of Michael’s priorities was to eat Indian food in London, which is how we wrapped up our day.

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