Thursday, May 3, 2012

London - Day 1

Little Miss Anna's first glimpse of England from her window seat...

"The tea just tastes so much better in England.  The cookies are good, too." -Anna, whilst relaxing in the hotel after the flight over

After another cup of tea, we left for a leisurely afternoon at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  It is walking distance, and the walk could not have been more pleasant, passing beautiful old apartment blocks and gardens with plants I can only dream could grow in New England.
 This garden is directly across the street from our hotel...

Speaking of dreams, we also stopped at an Aga showroom...

After just one afternoon in London, Anna has decided that the Royal Ballet is the company she aspires to.


  1. Hi there across the north sea. You are soooo close now. Come by and visit :-)

    Love Esther

  2. Hi Esther! Maybe next year! Love to you and your boys!