Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bath and Cheddar - Day 8

We’ve been going to Crewkerne every day since we arrived for bread and essentials, but today, Anna and I went early for a traditional English breakfast at Bilby’s and then a little shopping while Michael caught up on his work.  Well, Little Miss Anna had the big breakfast - runny eggs on a sandwich with bacon and mushrooms (changed out from sausage - yes, the special was actually eggs, bacon AND sausage!), potatoes and a dressed salad, and her usual hot chocolate with whipped cream ("English whipped cream is the best whipped cream I've ever had in my life" - we've heard that a lot).  My roots are clearly continental because I prefer a cup of tea and a bit of bread or other baked good in the morning.
As always, the drive into town was gorgeous (and grey!)
When we got back, Michael was still working, but we soon left to spend the rest of the day in Bath, which is a beautiful city.

We saw Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths, which are located right next to each other in an interesting architectural and religious juxtaposition.  You can see the Abbey peaking out over the Baths in the photo below.  (I'll spare you interior photos of another church!)

One of our main reasons for going to Bath was to visit the Makery.  Unfortunately they didn't have any workshops during our time in England (we just missed the knicker workshop), but we spent a good long time picking out some crafty items and fabrics at the shop.  And to make it up to Michael, we had an early dinner at the pub right next door, which bills itself as the tiniest pub in Bath.  That seems likely.

We also spent some time in a hat shop.  Anna is really embracing British culture!  And it looks so good on her.

On the drive back, we took a detour through Cheddar Gorge.  Cheddar cheese was first produced there, with the numerous caves in the gorge used to cure the cheese.  It was raining and getting dark, but the gorge was spectacular.

What a long and busy day with a lot of driving.  Tomorrow we should pare down our list - maybe pick only one place to go - and try to have a more relaxing day.

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