Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet the Animals - Bunny

Our youngest little sheep is Bunny.  She is 4 years old and was a bottle lamb.  When she was a baby, her mother Amy abandoned her.  Right after Bunny was born, Amy went to the opposite end of the pasture, leaving Bunny all by herself.  Little Bunny tried to nurse from any sheep that was near her, including Jumper our ram, and even from the chickens!  Right after that, we went out and got the bottle.  Here are some photos of me (I'm six years old) and Bunny in our house after she had a bottle...
Even Crash loved the little BunBun...

Bunny was so small she could slip under the gate.  Whenever it was time for her bottle, we would call "Bunny" and she would squeeze under the gate and run into the house, right to the sink where we mixed her bottles.  Then she would hop up and down on straight legs and make a "THUMP, THUMP."  Then we would go into the entryway and give her her bottle.  Even Grandmom gave her a bottle!

Now she is a big, happy sheep (although still a little smaller than the others).  Here is a photo of me and Bunny this past fall...

And here is a photo I took of Bunny Saturday.  Because she is our smallest sheep, she is the best at getting grass outside the fence!

Also, on Saturday Bunny got into our house! By accident I left the front door a little open, and Bunny pushed her head in to eat the hay out of the egg basket we keep by the door.  I got the camera and took this picture...

But then, she pushed by me and went into our house and was clomping around next to the piano.  I pushed her out, but it was hard.  And look what happened to the egg basket...

Bunny tries to get in the house a lot, and sometimes succeeds.  I would definitely describe her as one of our naughtiest sheep.

Please leave comments on my blog and let me know what you think of Bunny.  Is she naughty or nice?  Also, how did you like my first post that I wrote by myself?


  1. Hey Anna! It's so nice to see bunny when she's small!! It's interesting how she is all black, but then gets brown wool when she gets bigger. Are there any sheep that stay completely black even when they get bigger?

    I'm going to try and come visit you this summer!! :)
    Have a great week,

  2. Mom looks funny in that picture - and I can't believe you were only 6 in those photos! Is Annelise almost that big?
    Miss you & love you,
    XOX --Anut Elise.

  3. Hi Emilie and Aunt Elise. I just saw your comments. I don't think there is a breed of sheep that stays black. Emilie, we are going to visit you this summer, too, because I'm going to be back at Boston Ballet for 5 weeks. And Aunt Elise, Grandmom LOVED feeding Bunny when she was visiting! Bye!

  4. Hi!
    I think that Bunny is naughty and nice... But mostly naughty. Is she the sheep that I was there for when she was being born? All I remember is that it was black and I don't know if you have any other black sheep. I do know that you said it was when you were six and I still lived in MA when I was six. (Partly)
    Miss You

  5. Hi Natasha! You were there when Amy was born. That's Bunny's mom. She's also naughty because she wouldn't take care of Bunny. But that was nice for me because I could take care of her. I want another bottle lamb!!!!! I miss you too!