Friday, April 23, 2010

Hankies for Anna

One of the ways we've tried to minimize our environmental footprint is by eliminating paper products from our home.  We have used cloth napkins exclusively forever, and we  have a nice, full rag basket for cleaning up messy, dirty or germy things (rags get washed in their own laundry load with hot water and a touch of bleach).  This summer I decided to make some flannel hankies for Anna - a girl with a perpetually stuffy nose - so we could stop buying tissues.  I was originally concerned about the germ factor, but I can report that after 8 months of only using only soft flannel hankies, Anna has actually been sick less than in past years, and her cute little button nose hasn't been red or raw once!  Yesterday I made six more hankies to add to her supply...

Whenever we go to Joann's fabrics, we check the remnants and scoop up whatever 100% cotton flannel they have.  Just a quarter yard can make four hankies, so they come out to be much less than $1 each.  I just sew a quick scallop edge, trim between the scallops, and they are set to go.  For washing, we swish them around in hot water and washing soda for a few minutes before putting them in a regular load.

And here is the girl who loves her super-soft hankies...

p.s.  Just to let you know what is coming on the blog... Anna has come up with the idea to write a "Meet the Animals" post each week.  She has already started going through old photographs so she can show off her  furry, wooly and feathery friends not just now, but also when they were babies!  Should be cute!

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