Monday, June 6, 2011

The Tomatoes are Finally Planted!

My one big gardening splurge this year was this beautiful set of stainless steel tomato spirals - an excellent example of a simple, functional item as art.  And the material looks so good against all the stone.  I love them!  (I'll have to remember this blissful feeling when I'm spending all those hours this fall, late into the night after a full day of work, processing tomatoes!)

In addition to planting our tomatoes in their new bed with their new supports, we also planted some columbines for the butterflies (hopefully our hummingbirds will like them, too) and a birch-leaf spirea above the tomato bed.  It's so cute and will only grow to be 2 ft x 2 ft - a little meatball shrub.

Michael dug out thistles (even the sheep won't eat those!) while I helped Anna harvest her first batch of chamomile, which has been our most prolific plant this year.  We had little chamomile plants everywhere (literally, everywhere), which we mostly consolidated into a single large chamomile patch, although we left some naturalized in the grass outside the sun room (soon to be Anna's ballet studio - more on that later).  The little chamomile daisies look so cheerful spread throughout the grass.  I think Anna will be able to supply all her chamomile needs for the year with her own plants.  That's a nice feeling for a girl who loves her herbal tea!

And while we were all busy in the yard and garden, the Tiger took a little dress-up break from his mousing responsibilities...

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