Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strawberry Blitz

The cool, cloudy and rainy weather we've been having has not made for a great strawberry season.  True, we've made a couple strawberry shortcakes, but the farm just hasn't had great quantities of berries to pick.  Until yesterday...  A few days of sun after weeks of rain, and Michael was off picking quarts and quarts of berries while Anna was at ballet and I was at work.  (Lucky he did, because today it poured and it's supposed to rain the rest of the week.  That will essentially destroy the rest of the local strawberry crop.)  I left work early for an afternoon/evening of processing berries with my girl.

The final results of yesterday's berry blitz are pretty impressive, I think.  Anna and I put 8 one-gallon bags of sliced strawberries in syrup in the freezer, made 9 jars of strawberry jam with lemon zest, 7 jars of strawberry mango jam (the champagne mango season in Mexico corresponds to our strawberry season), one strawberry pie, and LOTS of treats for the chickens.

Someone couldn't resist nibbling the pie...

Tomorrow we'll be freezing the rest of our champagne mangoes.  There are definitely a lot of strawberry and mango smoothies in our future.

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  1. ahhh! Awesome!!! Those strawberries look so awesome! Here in West Glacier, I hear we have a fabulous cherry season coming up. One guy even brought all his canning supplies so he could bring back jars and jars of them to enjoy over the winter! :)
    I miss you guys! Can't wait to see you in September and do other fun projects like this with you!