Friday, March 18, 2011

A Fine Day in NYC

We spent as much time outside enjoying this beautiful 70-degree day as we could, between ballet classes and watching the competition.  All snacks were eaten in Washington Square Park...
Anna took her first trip on the subway in NYC to go to Alvin Ailey for a dance class...
Taking the subway is the kind of thing that can be overwhelming to a quiet and shy girl, but she managed it quite well, with the exception of a little problem getting through turnstile.  Here is an excerpt of our conversation...  
Me (having just walked through):  Anna, just slide the card and walk through.
Anna:  (Thud, the gate against her legs, it won't turn.)
Me:  Anna, slide the card and walk.
Anna:  (Thud, same problem.)
Me:  Oh my gosh, Anna, just slide the card and walk.
Anna:  (Thud, tears.)
Me (very slowly):  Anna... slide the card... and then... walk through the gate.
Anna:  Oh. (walks right through) I thought you meant to slide it and walk through at the same time.
After class at Alvin Ailey, we decided to take a taxi back to NYU so we wouldn't miss any of the competition.  Yikes - crazy driver!  My favorite line of the day, delivered while we were heading downtown in the taxi...
Anna:  I think I felt safer taking the subway.
We hung out in Washington Square Park, had a long and pleasant conversation with someone who made Anna start to think that New Yorkers were actually kind of nice (turns out he was from Cambridge, Mass), walked around just to walk, enjoyed watching the dogs run around in the dog park, stopped into a vintage shop (couldn't resist), had a great dinner at an Italian Restaurant, and found little bits of beauty all over the city today.
Looking forward to another wonderful day with my girl tomorrow.

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