Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back Home

Most of the snow at Anna's Little Farm is melted.  Anna went around the yard with her camera and found that many of her plants are starting to come alive again.

Strawberry Leaves




Mountain Pinks

We also found catmint and black-eyed susan sprouts and the tiniest little lemon balm leaves under the dead leaves from last year.  We left them covered for protection. Only one lavender didn't survive the winter.  Not too bad.

The highlight of the afternoon was finding an actual daffodil bud, the only bud out of only seven daffodils pushing up so far.  

We are looking forward to a spectacular daffodil display this year.  The bulb planting season was very long since the ground didn't freeze until November, so we waited and we were able to buy half-price daffodil bulbs.  We bought 200!  Most were planted by Anna and Michael.

The disappointment of the afternoon, although not entirely unexpected, is that the bunnies have been enjoying our tulips.  Note the chewed off leaf laying on the ground next to the plant.

We've never actually gotten a flower in the 4 years since we planted our tulip bulbs, only chewed leaves and flower stems.  

And finally, this post wouldn't be complete without a photo of Anna and her sheep. This is Lucy.

Someone is glad to be home!

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