Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maple Bacon Ice Cream

Yes, it's true.  Among the many maple products at the Sugar Shack, there exists maple bacon ice cream.  And you know who couldn't resist...
Anna just had a maple cream cone.

The weather has been great for sugaring this year - days above freezing to get the sap flowing, and nights below freezing to keep it sweet.  This time last year, the season was already over.  We plan to tap our own sugar maples one of these years.  We already have some taps and buckets.  It's constructing a little sugar house, or at minimum an outdoor fireplace, to evaporate all the water out of the sap that will take some work.  There is no way we could do it inside since one gallon of maple syrup requires 40 gallons of sap!  So, sugaring is on my short list of activities, including bee keeping and building a cob oven and a boules court, that will probably have to wait a while because of other priorities.  In the meantime, we're regulars at the Sugar Shack during sugaring season!  But hold the maple bacon ice cream!

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