Sunday, February 20, 2011

YAGP Update

What a great weekend!  Ballet all day, every day!

Anna's performance was on Saturday morning.  Before the actual competition, the dancers had open stage for 1/2 hour.  It was crazy! There were about 35 kids, many in tutus, all spacing their solos on one stage at one time.  

Anna's performance was excellent - very clean, high extensions, great turns (although she traveled so much that she almost ran into the curtain!)

Here she is getting ready for the awards ceremony Saturday night, fake eyelashes and all.  (Not her performance eyelashes, she has a second pair of "going out" eyelashes, which are a little more subtle!)

And it's a good thing she had on those eyelashes because she made the top 12 this year!  She was called up on stage in front of everyone, and she was loving it!

Not only did she place this year, but her scores and comments from the judges were much better than last year.  She still didn't hit the threshold for competing in the finals in NYC, but she did make it to the Intensive again, where she will take Master Classes with finalists from around the world.  She's very happy and excited.

Congratulations to Anna!

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