Monday, August 30, 2010

New Kitchen Shelves and Peach Jam

Michael and I put up some new shelves in the kitchen on Saturday, before we left for Maine last week (actually, I skipped a day at the Lee Outlets with Rashonda to put them up!)  I love the look of open shelves.  I think they make the kitchen look real - everything is used and right there.

The space below the shelves to the right of the window is for the dishwasher, which will be installed some time this week...

Anna and I also made a nice batch of peach-honey-lime jam first thing Sunday morning.  It was, in Michael's words, an inspired combination.  I think it might be the best jam we ever made, and luckily we wrote down the quantities we used so it can be replicated (and it will!)

The chickens and Buttercup also love jam making day, and we are very generous with the amount of peach we leave on the peelings....

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