Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekend Gardening, Part 2

Michael worked all last week to prep the new butterfly garden, after spending a couple prior weeks removing rocks. We grow a lot of rocks where we live!  Anna loaded the smaller rocks in the wheelbarrow and moved them out of the way, but we kept some of the larger ones to put an edge on the bed.  This past weekend, Michael screened whatever topsoil was there, added some peat moss, and then screened in tons of compost (thank you sheep and chickens!)  Here is the new bed...
There is also a smaller bed just beyond the butterfly garden that Michael is just beginning to prep for  a little pumpkin patch.
We also took a trip to the garden center and came back with some annuals, alpine strawberries and lavender for Anna to plant in some beautiful, large terracotta pots which we got at a tag sale for just $2 each.  She was unstoppable!  All ten of those pots were planted in no time, and the extra flowers were put into the butterfly garden between rocks along the edge and in other spots around the yard.

The strawberries conveniently located next to the chair was Anna's idea.  She wanted to be able to relax and pick little berries all summer!  The butterfly bushes will go into the bed this weekend along with the butterfly garden seed mix the Easter Bunny left for Anna.  For now, the butterfly bushes are on our back porch, already attracting butterflies.  I'll miss them right outside my kitchen door (they smell delicious!) but we'll be able to see them from the kitchen window.

And thank you to Little Miss Anna, for all the photographs for this post.

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