Friday, February 26, 2010

YAGP Competition Last Weekend

Well, it was one week ago today that Anna was getting herself ready for her first ballet competition.  Her ballet school had a "warm-up" class on Friday morning before everyone headed out to Providence, but Anna wanted to prepare herself (and not be around a lot of nervous people), so we rented the studio from 9-11 am, before everyone else got there.  I always find it amazing that even though she is only 10, she knows what she needs and is responsible for herself.  Here are some photos of Anna warming up...

And now she's warm...

Look at those legs!  These photos don't just capture a split second, she's holding those positions!

And here she is running her variation in costume...


Anna is really a serious and lovely little dancer.  She did well at the competition - no nerves, wobbles or mistakes, she held her positions, had a high arabesque, and kept a beautiful smile on her face the entire time.  We don't have any back stage, pre-performance photos, which in a way I wish I had taken, but I think it would have interfered with her mental preparation.  She didn't place in the competition this year, but she was invited to participate in the NYC Intensive.  So in March, no competition performance, but master classes with amazing ballet instructors and finalists from around the world.  She is very excited!

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  1. Let me know when you'll be here for the NYC Intensive! We're all very proud. XOX.