Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Tutu and Bodice are Here

This was an exciting weekend for Anna.  We went to the dance store in Newton and picked up her tutu and bodice for the YAGP competition in February.  The bodice is beautiful - a lovely rosy color with beaded trim.

It fit Anna well in the length and waist, but it was clearly made for someone with a bustline.  It actually fit me, although it was a little tight.  No, there will be no photos of Mimi in a tutu!  I've already taken the trim off the front and basted the two sides at the front panel  After I sew those seams, I have two more side seams at the top to take in (currently quickly basted just to get an idea), and then will stitch the trim back on.

The tutu was a perfectly flat pancake.  It has some settling down to do, and I have to add a couple rows of butt ruffles.  I pinned the first row on last night, and Anna helped by stretching the fabric while I pinned.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a ball-tipped sewing machine needle for the job, so I will sew the ruffle on tonight.

I think it will be absolutely beautiful on Anna when it is finished!

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  1. What a beautiful bodice; great colors and wonderful beading. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of Miss Anna once the tutu's completed!